Pro Forma Startup Kit

Pro Forma Excel Model, plus all the other startup essentials:

  • Detailed Cap Table Template

  • NDA Template

  • Investor Convertible Note Template

  • Investor SAFE Agreement Template

  • Business Plan Analysis Ebook

  • Business Plan Outline Template

  • Pitch Deck Outline Template

GAAP Version

(US Companies)


IFRS Version

(Most International Companies)


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Excel Model

  • One Input Tab, all reports integrated

  • Pitch Summary

  • Investor Return Summary

  • Key Metrics Analysis

  • Breakeven Analysis

  • Sales Summary

  • Detailed CLTV Analysis for each offering

  • Pro-Forma Statements

  • Staffing Analysis

  • CapEx Schedule

  • Ownership Cap Table

  • Cover Page and Table of Contents

Pro Forma Image.png
Cap Table Image Excel.png

Detailed Cap Table Template

  • Founding and pre-seed options

  • Angel round and post-seed options

  • Series A and post-series-A options

  • Series B and post-series-B options

  • Equity, Options, and Warrants

Business Plan Analysis eBook

  • 63-page PDF

  • Evaluation criteria for a successful business

  • Add credibility to your business plan by considering these aspects

Business Plan Analysis eBook.png
Convertible Note.png

Investor Convertible Note Template

+ SAFE Agreement Template

  • Pre-written agreements for a convertible note and SAFE agreement

Business Plan Outline Template

  • 28-page Word document outline

  • Detailed instructions, questions, and examples to guide the entrepreneur in writing a top-notch business plan

Pro Forma Business Plan Outline Template
Pro Forma Pitch Deck Outline.png

Pitch Deck Outline Template

  • 12 Slides with bullet point outline and examples

NDA Template

  • Nondisclosure / Confidentiality agreement

Pro Forma NDA Template

License Details


This kit is downloaded in one .zip file. The Pro Forma model license is good for 24 months, for modeling 1 business. Excel calculations are locked and hidden, but the user has full access to edit the input and output tabs of the model. If you would like to extend an expired model or if you are a consultant modeling multiple businesses, please Contact Us.

Limited Customization


The calculations in the model are locked and hidden in the spreadsheet to protect the integrity of the massive number of calculations required to properly model your startup, therefore the model is not customizable. Users do have full access to edit the output reports of the model, but cannot access or change the backend calculations or code. If you are a power Excel user and would prefer to spend countless hours creating your own model, our product is probably not for you. Our product was designed for the fast-paced startup that wants a model that works out-of-the-box without writing any calculations.

Excel Version


Our model works with Excel 2010 and later versions for PC and Excel 2011 and later versions for Mac and is not compatible with web-based Excel, Google Sheets, or other spreadsheet applications due to their limited processing power and calculation functionality.



GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) are two sets of accounting rules. While GAAP is standard in the United States, IFRS is used in most other countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Pro Forma Startup Kit

GAAP Version

(US Companies)


IFRS Version

(Most International Companies)