• Wade Myers

Remove Duplicate Customers

Q: When and why should I use the "Remove Duplicates" tool in your model?

A: The Remove Duplicates tool in Section 2.17 of the Input Tab allows you to remove the Customers for a given Offering from the total customer count. This primarily affects the Key Metrics report, which presents financial metrics on a per-customer and per-employee basis.

The power of the Remove Duplicates tool is that it allows you to model multiple offerings for the same customers. For example, suppose your customers purchase your hardware device and then begin a subscription to your SaaS platform for that device. You would model this as two different offerings. The first would be a one-time sale, and the second would be a monthly-recurring subscription. In your sales forecast, you would link the second offering to the first one to show that for every hardware sale, customers also begin a software subscription.

However, the model would double-count your customers since you have entered them in two different offerings. This would throw off your total customer count and your metrics like revenue per customer. To avoid this problem, we have built in the Remove Duplicates tool. Simply select to remove one or other of the two offerings from the total count, and the numbers will be corrected.

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