Business Plan Analysis eBook

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  • Evaluation criteria for a successful business

  • Add credibility to your business plan by addressing these criteria


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This 63-page ebook is a unique and indispensable tool for entrepreneurs who are planning a new business venture or analyzing a current business. It outlines a thorough analysis that we recommend all entrepreneurs undertake in order to think through each important business model characteristic and how it might impact the overall business value. The in-depth analysis covers the 50 most important aspects of business plan, including the industry, financial, operational, offering, and customer characteristics. The analysis was developed after reviewing thousands of businesses and business plans and the correlations of these 50 characteristics with the success of those various businesses. Entrepreneurs can save time and capital by analyzing their idea thoroughly prior to investing in an opportunity that does not have a high potential for success. We recommend using the Business Plan Analysis eBook when filling in your Business Plan Template for a Startup or Established business and we highly recommend using the ProForma financial model to fine tune the financial portion of your business planning and analysis.


  • Overview

  • Industry Evaluation Criteria

  • Financial Evaluation Criteria

  • Operational Evaluation Criteria

  • Offering Evaluation Criteria

  • Customer Evaluation Criteria

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Business Plan Analysis eBook