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We understand the difficulty of the startup journey (as serial entrepreneurs ourselves), so we provide you with free battle-tested, investor-approved resources

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Save your team weeks of effort. Effortlessly build financial and capital-raising forecasts, prep your pitch deck, impress investors, and sail through due diligence to raise the capital you need. 

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Leverage our tools to understand typical startup valuations and how much of your ownership you will likely give up, prepare to pitch VCs, and negotiate the seed capital you need to launch. And, you can even invite us to review your plan to see if it is a fit for us to invest.

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Plan your capital requirements

Plan your capital raise and see the impact of how much you raise at various valuations and types of capital raises from SAFEs to Convertible notes, Seed, and Series A and beyond, and automatically generate your pre-money and post-money valuations and negotiate with confidence.


Create an effective pitch deck

Raise capital using our Pitch Summary that clearly outlines what investors want to see. Everything you need for your pitch deck.


Raise venture capital

Engage investors in a meaningful way with our detailed Investor Return Summary that shows the equity value of preferred, common, and management team.

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Instantly formulate a CLTV analysis

Nail investor due diligence with our CLTV (customer lifetime value) analysis with customer life, CAC, months to recover CAC, churn rate, and CAC:LTV ratio and more.


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Plan Your Capital Raise

We Know What Investors Want to See

As entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we designed Pro Forma from years of experience of what it takes to plan, launch, raise capital, exit, and create amazing returns for entrepreneurs and investors.


No Expertise Required

You don’t need accounting or finance knowledge to create a financial plan. Our step-by-step format is easy to navigate & comes with built-in benchmarked assumptions.


100% Free to Use

No hidden fees or costs. Our platform is completely free to use. Yes, you’re reading that correctly.


Plan Ahead, Not in Hindsight

Other tools only enable you to document and review financial results that have already happened. We’re the only tool that helps you plan ahead.

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Don’t Let Anything Slip Through the Cracks

With Pro Forma, you can pitch with total confidence knowing your pitch deck is complete, professional, and all-around impressive.

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We Are Active Investors

If you invite us to review your plan and if you pass our due diligence process, we will commit to join your seed capital round

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What Our Community is Saying

Robofusion, Inc.

“ I was able to raise the venture capital I needed for my startup based in part on the credibility this model provided. Every investor that reviewed our business plan said it was the most detailed plan they’d ever seen.”

Allan J.

Founder and CEO, Robofusion, Inc.

QiiQ Healthcare

“As the co-founder of a healthtech startup, I have relied on the Pro Forma to confront and think through the multitude of spending decisions that lie ahead.”

Dave B.

CEO, QiiQ Healthcare

Angel Investor

“As an active entrepreneur and angel investor, I was pitched to invest in a company that had used this model for their business plan. We were stunned by the thoroughness, detail, and clarity of the model and its output. Both of us invested in the business. If you are going to pitch an investor, you want to use the Pro Forma model.”

Paul M.

Angel Investor

Semper Fidelis Leadership

“As SBA loan consultants, our team of associates have reviewed over 10,000 business plans and processed over 4,000 loans. We have never seen a model as good as this one and we now license it for use in all of our loan applications. ”

Gene B.

CEO, Semper Fidelis Leadership


“The Pro Forma model was fantastic! I was able to model out my business plan and get launched. I saved weeks of effort. My only other option to get the same level of robust model was a $15,000 custom service from a CPA firm. ”

Yuri G.

CEO / ImpactFactors

“Fortunately, I discovered Wade Myers and his Pro Forma model... He built a beautiful financial model where I could just fill in the details about my business and it would automatically calculate cash flow, growth rate, and more.”

Erica D.

Owner /

Brandeis University International Business School

“The Pro Forma model is perhaps the most comprehensive, robust, adaptive, user-friendly and cost effective financial tool of its kind on the market today and I use it extensively in my CPA practice and instructing MBA students on its use and application.”

Allen D.

Executive in Residence, Brandeis University International Business School

Cyberflage by Pragmatik IO

“The Pro Forma model helped us accelerate our financial modeling and map out our key metrics like no other tool we have seen. The Summary section is a must for companies that are working to raise capital or plan for future growth!”

Sean B.

CEO / Cyberflage by Pragmatik IO

California State University

“This past summer I stumbled upon an online tool that is better than any other I have found to help entrepreneurs. I can’t recommend this model enough. I’ve tried them all and it far succeeds tools like LivePlan and BusinessPlanPro. ”

Colleen R
Colleen R.

Asst. Prof. of Entrepreneurship and Assoc. Dir. of the Center for Entrepreneurship / California State University

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